The senses, affective regimes and audiovisual production

Panel at the VI Annual Meeting of AIM, 4-7 May 2016, Catholic University Porto

Convenor: Robert Stock (Konstanz)
Chair: Denilson Lopes Silva (Rio de Janeiro)

Against the background of a well-known hierarchy of the senses proposing seeing as the dominant mode of perception, this panel aims to discuss art works, feature films or documentaries tackling the specific ways they produce the different modalities of the senses. The aim of the panel consists hence in a media-cultural analysis of audiovisual productions to scrutinize the manifold operations, framings and effects drawn upon in order to describe how sensory experience is conveyed cinematographically. (…) The panel will question the political, social and cultural implications of technological or automated form(atting)s of the senses and their respective affective regimes.

O afeto branco. Sobre Haneke e não só
Isabel Capeloa Gil (Lisboa)

Between writing and audiovisual culture: A Media Aesthetics approach to cinema.
Teresa Cruz (Lisbon)

The Aesthetics and Politics of Seeing through Listening, Touching and Walking in the Works of Daniel Barroca, Mónica de Miranda and Edson Chagas
Ana Balona de Oliveira (Lisbon)

Affective media milieus and audile technique in/around Nel giardino dei suoni
Robert Stock (Konstanz)


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