On Cosmotechnics

Yuk Hui (TP 1) will speaking about Cosmotechnics and the Ontological Turn in the Chinese Context tomorrow at Goldsmiths, London.

He takes part in a 2 day conference, ‘Object of Art, Object of Capital’, bringing together  artists and scholars from China, Europe, Japan, and the US, to Goldsmiths on 2-3 December 2016. Among the speakers are Cao Fei, Che Fei, Eric Alliez, Kenji Nishi, Birgit Hopfener and many others.

The event is the first in the ‘Forum for International Thought’ series, co-organized by Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths, and Start Museum, Shanghai. Outstanding thinkers from around the world will join the conference to share insights on art, society, and cultural theory.

Find more information about the conference here.



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