Touristified everyday life – mundane tourism

Current perspectives on urban tourism

International Conference
Location: Georg Simmel-Center for Metropolitan Studies, Berlin
Date: May 11–12, 2017

Tourism and other forms of mobility have a stronger influence on the urban everyday life than ever before. Current debates indicate that this development inevitably entails conflicts between the various city users. The diverse discussions basically evolve around the intermingling of two categories traditionally treated as opposing in scientific research: ‘the everyday’ and ‘tourism’.
The international conference addresses the complex and changing entanglement of the city, the everyday and tourism. It is organized by the Urban Research Group New Urban Tourism.
Luise Stoltenberg and Thomas Frisch (sp 4) are part of the organizing committee.

The conference will be opened by Prof. Jonas Larsen (Roskilde University, Denmark) with a public lecture entitled ‘Tourism and the Everyday Practices’.

For more information and a detailed conference program, please visit the conference homepage.

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