Erich Hörl & Yuk Hui: New Ecologies of the Mind (Berkeley, 17 Oct)

From the announcement of the event Between the Digital and the Political: New Ecologies of Mind:

“The symposium will explore the “new ecology” of mind that challenges us today as we seek to reconfigure our cognitive worlds between the political and the digital – as old institutions of power and knowledge are deformed and new relationships (visible and invisible) are forming. The key issue will be automation, automaticity, and autonomy: how does our new new media ecology work to automate moods, preference, perceptions – subjectivity itself – with and through the increasing automatization and neutralization of the political?”

With lectures by Erich Hörl and Yuk Hui (both Leuphana University, TP 1).

And a panel discussion with Erich Hörl, Yuk Hui, Luciana Parisi (Goldsmith College), Warren Sack (UC Santa Cruz), David Bates (UC Berkeley).

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