Towards a Techno-Ecology of Participation: Program out now

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See the full program and further information here.
The international Workshop will take place at Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany
(7-8 December 2017) and is organized by Prof Dr Erich Hörl (SP1), Dr Yuk Hui (SP1) in cooperation with the University of Bremen’s Bremen NatureCultures Lab (BNCL).Confirmed Speakers are Nurit Bird-David (Haifa), Tim Ingold (Aberdeen), Alf Hornborg (Lund), Michi Knecht (Bremen), Erhard Schüttpelz (Siegen), Tanja Bogusz (Kassel), Helen Verran (Darwin, Australia).The recent movement in anthropology, often referred as the ‘ontological turn’, in its ensemble proposes among others also a new way to understand the concept of participation. It even presents a radical revaluation of participation, which is essential. This revaluation not only breaks the paradigm limited by the naturalism, understood as the opposition between culture and nature, that shaped European modernity, but it also interrupts a long-lasting philosophical politics of relation that has been centred on a powerful and far-reaching Platonic interpretation of participation (as the idea/form in the particular) constraining relationality and that has been constitutive for occidentality as such.



7th December
9 :00 –9 :30 (Coffee time/ registration)

9 :30 – 10 :00
Erich Hörl and Yuk Hui (SP 1)

Panel I
10 :00 – 12 :40
Chair : Yuk Hui

Alf Hornborg: Acknowledging both semiotic and material relationality: Implications for ecology, engineering, and economics

Nurit Bird-David : Before relation: forager kinship-ecology and its techno scalability

Lunch : 12 :40-14 :00

Panel II
14 :00 – 16 :40
Chair : Roberto Nigro

Erhard Schüttpelz : Hot and Cold techniques in the Longue Durée of Media

Yuk Hui: On Ontological Turn and Cosmotechnics

6 :50 – 18 :00
Open discussion:
Chair : Erich Hörl

20 :00 Conference Dinner

8th December

Panel III
9 :45 – 12 :15
Chair : Erich Hörl

Helen Verran : Language Practices and Imagining Techno-Ecologies of Collective Participation

Tim Ingold : On Going Along Together

Lunch : 12 :15-13 :45

Panel IV
13:45 – 15 :30
Chair : Christoph Brunner

Tanja Bogusz : From Participation to Co-laboration – an Experimentalist Ecology

Michi Knecht : Relational Anthropology: Rethinking NatureCultures with Marilyn Strathern and Stefan Beck

Final discussion
15:30-17 :00
Chair : Erich Hörl

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