The Spring School of the ERC-project “The Healthy Self as Body Capital” takes place from 9–13 April 2018 at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development (Center for the History of Emotions) in Berlin, Germany.

With a keynote by Prof. Dr. Frank Bösch (Director of the Center for Historical Research (ZZF), Potsdam) on “War, Films, and Emotions, 1895–1960.”

Master’s students, doctoral students, post-docs, and scholars in the fields of modern history, the history of medicine and science, and film studies, media studies, and communications are invited to apply with a cover letter and CV.

The deadline for applications is 18 February 2018. Contact: Philipp Stiasny ( stiasny [at] )

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The twentieth century is the century in which modern mass media irreversibly permeated and transformed nearly all aspects of politics and society. This can be exemplified by the impact that film and television had on medicine, health policy and education, from early medical films that made new images of illness and therapy accessible to health experts, to the “Kulturfilme” of the 1920s that propagated a modern conception of the body to cinema- goers, to educational films produced by the state for use in schools, to ads informing people about AIDS prevention and health talk shows on TV. Visual mass media are constantly reflecting and shaping our conceptions and perceptions of the body and health, as well as the bodily and health practices we engage in. For their part, they are often influenced by economics. Seen in this way, a history of the body, embodiment and emotions in the twentieth century is also a history of the mass media.

The spring school Visual History in the Twentieth Century: Bodies, Practices, and Emotions invites participants to engage in five days of intensive discussion on the relation between the history of the body, body politics, and film and television in the twentieth century. The spring school will take a transnational perspective and focus particular on developments in Germany, France and Great Britain.




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