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International Conference, University of Konstanz


Organized by the DFG-Research Group “Media and Participation. Between Demand and Imposition” (University of Konstanz)

The international conference “Media – Practices – Commoning“ welcomes contributions that critically discuss concepts like commons, commoning and conviviality by situating them within the contemporary framework of digital technology and media. In a first line of inquiry, the conference seeks to explore the art of conviviality and recent forms of togetherness while relating them to technological configurations that condition their emergence. The second panel encourages a discussion of the relationship between practices of socio-economic commoning, the logic of ‘Teilhabe’ (participation) and a cosmopolitical thinking of resistance. By tackling the infrastructural and technological conditions of commoning, the third panel will scrutinize the question of mobile commons and communities as well as the problem of institutionalized practices.

Get together, 9 October: Restaurant Hafenhalle
Venue Hedicke’s Terracotta
Hotel Graf Zeppelin


Panel 1: The Art of Conviviality
Chair: Robert Stock (Konstanz)

This panel will include the following talks:

Becoming One Humanity: The Relational Self and the Gift to the Distant Other
Elena Pulcini (Florence)

Condividuality and Subsistence
Gerald Raunig (Zurich)

Panel 2: Practices of Commoning
Chair: Anne Ganzert (Konstanz)

This panel will include the following talks:

Participatory Authenticities, Boundaries and Conflicts: From Fan Communities to a Trans
fandom Commons?
Matt Hills (Huddersfield)

Commoning Contemporary Art: A Look Back at Lafayette Anticipation‘s Re-Source Project
Alexandre Monnin (Clermont-Ferrand)

Between Making a Living and Getting a Life: Commoning and the Abeyance of Postwork
Valeria Graziano (London)

Keynote Lecture
Platforms and Potency: What Does it Take to Achieve Collective Agency Today?
Jeremy Gilbert (London)

Chair: Isabell Otto (Konstanz)

Panel 3: Mobile Commons
Chair: Markus Spöhrer (Konstanz)

This panel will include the following talks:

Networked Imaginations and Practices of ‘Good Life’ on Social Media
Özlem Savaş (Ankara/Konstanz)

Mobile Technologies and the Construction of Meaningful Social Relationships: Mobile Dating Applications and the Contrasted Cases of Grindr and Tinder
Christian Licoppe (Paris)

Mobile Commons and the Right to the City
Vassilis Tsianos (Hamburg)
& Dimitris Parsanoglou (Athens)

Footnotes on Migration
Nanna Heidenreich (Cologne)


Wrap up and Final Discussion
Chair: Beate Ochsner (Konstanz)



Registration is free.

For any inquiries please contact Robert Stock (robert.stock[at]

Robert Stock
DFG-Research Group “Media and Participation”
Media Studies
University of Konstanz

Participating Universities

Konstanz University
University of Hamburg
Leuphana University Lüneburg
Zurich University of the Arts

Funded by German Research Foundation

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