Konstanze Scheidt

Konstanze Scheidt
Konstanze Scheidt is a research associate in subproject 5 “Participatory Critique as Transforming and Transversal With”.

Since winter term 2017/18, Konstanze has been part of the Doctoral Track Program at Leuphana University Lüneburg, where she completed her master’s degree in “Cultural Studies – Culture, Arts and Media” with a thesis (supervised by Prof. Erich Hörl and Prof. Christoph Brunner) on the media art festival transmediale and the question of organizational forms that enable collective, differential and resistant practices. As part of the collective Kollegen 2,3, she also participates in various projects in the field of (participative) art in public space.

In her PhD project, Konstanze Scheidt deepens and expands her research on transmediale with a focus on the enabling conditions of technocollectivity in its infrastructural, medial and institutional dimensions. The aim is to examine forms of media participation within alternative (trans-)cultural production sites and their contradictory relationship to cultural appropriation through neoliberal urban politics as part of post-subcultural formations that link transversal technopolitical, social and aesthetic social dimensions. In particular, the question of critical infrastructures, which refer both to spatial-institutional problems of gentrification and to technopolitical and translocal forms of organization of resistance, is at the center of attention.

Research interest

  • Artistic Research
  • media theory
  • art and activism
  • technocollectivity


Recent publications are „Inflatables and Activism: Affective Politics and the Political Potential of Inflatables“, in: APRJA 7:1 (2018) and „The Transformation of the Alternative“, in: Research Values 2017.


Leuphana University of Lüneburg

Publications SP 5

TP 5 „Teilhabende Kritik als transversales Mit

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E-Mail: konstanze.scheidt(at)leuphana.de

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