Matthias Drusell

Matthias Drusell
Matthias Drusell is a research associate in subproject 4  “Media Cultures of Streaming. Temporality, Infrastructures, Evaluation”.

Matthias Drusell is doing a PhD in Sociology at the University of Hamburg. He studied Sociology in Hamburg, where he also received his MA. In his master’s thesis, he analyzed cultural inscriptions and the power of algorithms in digital systems with a case study on recommendation systems. Therefore, he did a course on machine learning algorithms.

Research interests

  • algorithmic and digital cultures
  • media and cultural sociology
  • Science and Technology Studies (i.e. ANT)
  • poststructural sociologies
  • new materialism


University of Hamburg

Publications of subproject 4

SP 4:  “Media Cultures of Streaming. Temporality, Infrastructures, Evaluation

University of Hamburg
Department of Socioeconomics
Sedanstraße 19
20146 Hamburg

E-Mail: matthias.drusell(at)

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