Anne Ganzert


Anne Ganzert

Anne Ganzert is a research assistant in the subproject 3 of the DFG research group, Smartphone-Communities: Participation as Promise and Imposition. Her dissertation project „Serial Pinboarding“ is advised by Prof. Dr. Beate Ochsner (Konstanz, GER) & Prof. Dr. Jennifer Gillan (Boston, USA) and focusses on contemporary TV series & their pin-boards as dispositives of seriality.

She holds a Master’s Degree in „Literatur-Arts-Media“ and received a full scholarship from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (2012-2015). Publications like „»We welcome you to your Heroes community. Remember, everything is connected«. A Case Study in Transmedia Storytelling“ (IMAGE 21) and a current CV can be found here.

Universität Konstanz
FB Literaturwissenschaft
AG Medienwissenschaft
Fach 157
Raum H 113
Tel. +49 (0 )7531 88 – 2365
E-Mail: anne.ganzert[at]

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