Ruth Lang

Ruth Lang
Ruth Lang is a doctoral candidate and a research assistant in subproject 5 “Participatory Critique as Transforming and Transversal With”.

Ruth Lang studied Fine Arts with a Specialization in Theory at the Zurich University of the Arts and then completed her Master of Arts in Critical Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. In the scientific part of her MA project, she dealt with collaborative practices in the intersection of militancy, contemporary art and knowledge production in the context of Spain.

The focus of her PhD project is on the analysis of micropractices of research-based, activist art projects and collectives in the context of Latin America. With the aim of clarifying the question of participation in knowledge, concrete practices will be examined on an affective-sensory level and with respect to their medial and institutional conditionality. Taking the actions and the militant research practice of the Argentine group Colectivo Situaciones as a starting point, the dissertation aims for a historical contextualization of these in their relation to artistic-political projects in Latin America in the 1960s.

Research Interest

  • intersection of contemporary art and activism
  • artistic research
  • militant research
  • theories of performativity
  • Gender/Queer Studies
  • Post-/Decolonial Studies


Recent publications include „m.u.k.o.d.e.m.i.p.h.a.t.e., Fadenfiguren und Softeis“ (with A. Strohberger), in: D. Diederichsen et al. (Hrsg.): Blühendes Gift. Zur feministischen Appropriation
des österreichischen Unbewussten
, Köln 2016.


Zurich University of the Arts

Publications SP 5

SP 5: “Participatory Critique as Transforming and Transversal With

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