Michel Schreiber

Michel Schreiber
Michel Schreiber is a research associate in subproject 1 “Elements of a Critical Theory of Media and Participation”.

Michel Schreiber studied Literature-Art-Media at the Universities of Konstanz and Porto. He received his master with a thesis about „Tiqqun – Die Möglichkeit des Anderen im Bloom“. His dissertation project is entitled „Der Bloom – Anders als Dasein geschieht. Versuch einer ethischen Medienphilosophie“.

In his dissertation, Michael explores the „theory of the ‚Bloom‘“ following Tiqqun and situates it philosophically as well as media-theoretically. In this framework, he proposes a thinking of processes of subjectivization as „Nichtung“ and contrasts it in a media-ethical way. Thereby, he suggests an ethics of media philosophy.

Research interest

  • political activist theories and text, Tiqqun, The invisible committee
  • media ethical approaches
  • theories and critiques of the subject


His publications include “ANTi-Human: The Ethical Blindspot”, in: B. Ochsner/M. Spöhrer (eds.): Applying the Actor-Network Theory in Media Studies. IGI Global 2016 and „Endlich Krieg. Tiqqun, Nancy, Derrida – Feindschaft als ontologisches Konzept des Seins“, in: Augenblick 58 (2013).


Leuphana University of Lüneburg

Publications of subproject 1

SP 1 “Elements of a Critical Theory of Media and Participation

Leuphana University of Lüneburg
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E-Mail: michel.schreiber(at)leuphana.de

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