Philip Hauser

Philip Hauser
Philip Hauser is a research associate in Media Studies at the University of Konstanz. He is working on his PhD project “Artificial Intelligences – Emergent plays among humans and computers” (working title). He is part of the working group of subproject 3 “Smartphone-Communities. Dynamics of Resistance in Relations of Participation”, where he especially focuses on the examinations of strategies for modifying and hacking the smartphone.

He received his Bachelor’s degree in Literature and Philosophy and his Master’s degree in Literature-Arts-Media at the University of Konstanz. His Master’s thesis examines the impact of bugs and glitches in computer games.

 Research interests

  • Computer Games/Game Studies
  • Theories of play and glitch
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Media theory and media philosophy


A recent publication is “In the Footsteps of Smartphone-Users. Traces of a Deferred Community in Ingress and Pokémon Go”, in: Digital Culture & Society 3:2 Mobile Digital Practices (2017, with A.Ganzert, I. Otto, T. Gielnik und J. Ihls).


Universität Konstanz

TP 3 “Smartphone-Communities. Dynamics of Resistance in Relations of Participation

University of Konstanz
Department of Literature with Art and Media Studies
Box 157
78457 Konstanz

E-Mail: philip.hauser[at]

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