Theresa Gielnik

Theresa Gielnik
Theresa Gielnik is a student assistant in SP 3 “Smartphone-Communities. Dynamics of Resistance in Relations of Participation”.

Theresa Gielnik studies Literature, Arts and Media at the University of Konstanz. In her bachelor thesis she focused on forms of serial narration in television series and established the concept of the mindgame series following Thomas Elsaesser and Gilles Deleuze.

Research interests

  • Seriality and TV series
  • Visual Culture, Gender and Postcolonial Studies


A recent publication is “In the Footsteps of Smartphone-Users. Traces of a Deferred Community in Ingress and Pokémon Go“, in: Digital Culture & Society 3:2 Mobile Digital Practices (2017, with A. Ganzert, I. T. Gielnik, J. Ihls und P. Hauser)


University of Konstanz

SP 3 “Smartphone-Communities. Dynamics of Resistance in Relations of Participation

University of Konstanz
Department of Literature with Art and Media Studies
Box 157
78457 Konstanz
E-Mail: theresa.gielnik(at)

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