Thomas Frisch

Thomas Frisch
Thomas Frisch was a research associate in sub-project 4 Tourism 2.0 (2015-2018).

He studied Sociology, English and Portuguese in Salzburg and Rio de Janeiro and was graduated in Sociology from University of Salzburg. In his master thesis he analyzed the rather ambiguous process that turned the Brazilian favela from a social exclusion area into a touristic spot. His major academic interests are tourism and media sociology, sociology of evaluation, slum tourism and urban studies.

Publications of SP 4

SP 4: Tourism 2.0 – Network-Based Forms of Participation and Digital Detox

Universität Hamburg
FB Sozialwissenschaften
Institut für Soziologie R. 128
Allende-Platz 1, 20146 Hamburg
Tel.: 040 42838 9187
E-Mail: thomas.frisch[at]

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