Urs Stäheli

Urs Stäheli
Urs Stäheli is principal investigator of subproject 4 “Media Cultures of Streaming. Temporality, Infrastructures, Evaluation”.

Urs Stäheli has been Professor of General Sociology at the University of Hamburg since 2010. There, he is speaker of the  Research Training Group “Loose Connections: Collectivity in Urban and Digital Space”. Before, he was a professor of sociology at the University of Basel and habilitated in Lucerne. He received his PhD from the University of Essex after studying sociology, German studies and history.

Research interest

  • Social and cultural theory
  • Poststructuralism and systems theory
  • Visual cultures of the finance economy
  • Affect and economy
  • Sociology of dis/connectivity
  • Digital Detox cultures


Just out at Suhrkamp: Soziologie der Entnetzung (Sociology of Denetworking, 2021)

Further publications: „Die Zeitökonomie des Buffering“, in: Pop. Kultur und Kritik 12 (2018), „Indexing – The politics of invisibility“, in: Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 31:1 (2016) and „Das Recht zu schweigen. Von einer Politik der Konnektivität zu einer Politik der Diskonnetivität?“, in: Soziale Welt 67:3 (2016).


University of Hamburg

Graduate School Loose Connections

Publications SP 4

SP 4: “Media Cultures of Streaming. Temporality, Infrastructures, Evaluation

University of Hamburg
Department of Socioeconomics
Allende-Platz 1
20146 Hamburg

E-Mail: urs.staeheli(at)wiso.uni-hamburg.de

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