Kristina Jevtic

Kristina Jevtic
Kristina Jevtic is a student assistent in SP 3 “Smartphone-Communities. Dynamics of Resistance in Relations of Participation”.


Kristina Jevtic studies Literature, Arts and Media at the University of Konstanz. In her bachelor thesis she focused on the processes of (de-)construction of genre convention in liminal zones of serial and pop-cultural neo-noirs.


Research Interests:

  • Serialization and Processes of serial Narrativistion
  • Construction and Performance of Gender
  • Game Studies



University of Konstanz

Publications SP 3

SP 3 “Smartphone-Communities. Dynamics of Resistance in Relations of Participation

University of Konstanz
Department of Literature with Art and Media Studies
Box 157
78457 Konstanz

E-Mail: kristina.jevtic (at)




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