Markus Spöhrer

Markus Spöhrer
Markus Spöhrer is a Postdoc research associate in subproject 2 „Techno-sensory processes of participation. App-practices and Dis/Ability“.

Markus studied American Studies, German and English literature (University of Tübingen, Germany) and Media Studies (University of Miami). He his doctorate in Media Studies at the University of Konstanz, Germany.

In his dissertation, “Film as Epistemic Thing: On the Production of HipHop Culture and Till Hastreiter’s Status YO!” (supervised by Prof. Dr. Beate Ochsner and Prof. em. Dr. Georg Christoph Tholen), he focused on models of Science and Technology and the sociology of knowledge as approaches to media production.

Research interest and teaching areas

  • theories and methods of digital gaming
  • Actor-Network-Theory
  • techno-sensoria of Audio Games
  • stereoscopic media


Recent publications include Popular Narratives of the Cochlear Implant“ (zus. mit R. Stock und A. Grebe), in: Görgen A., Nunez G., Fangerau H. (eds): Handbook of Popular Culture and Biomedicine. Springer, Cham 2019. He is co-editor of Applying the Actor-Network Theory in Media Studies. IGI Global 2016 (ed. together with B. Ochsner). Furthermore, he is editor of Analytical Frameworks, Applications, and Impacts of ICT and Actor-Network Theory. IGI Global 2018 and Die ästhetisch-narrativen Dimensionen des 3D-Films : Neue Perspektiven zur Stereoskopie. Springer 2016.


University of Konstanz


Publications SP 2

SP 2 „Techno-sensory processes of participation. App-practices and Dis/Ability“.

University of Konstanz
Department of Literature with Art and Media Studies
Box 157
78457 Konstanz

E-Mail: markus.spoehrer(at)

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