Iris Julia*n Gütler: “Between Cause and Effekt” (Tanzquartier Wien, 04. Juni 2020)

TQW DOC (Tanzquartier Wien)

Donnerstag 04. Juni 2020 um 17:00 h

„Between Cause and Effekt“ (Deutsch: „Zwischen Ursache und Wirkung“)

Iris Julia*n Gütler diskutiert Methoden der Historiografie: „In this lecture, questions of historiographic approaches will be discussed: For this purpose we will discuss what kind of conception(s) might be applied in order to work with the phenomenon of causalities, among others – following French philosopher Michel Foucault – we will discuss the way in which an opening of the space between cause and effect can be made possible in the course of an evaluation.“

Iris Julia*n Gütler is a PhD candidate at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste (Vienna) and an associated member of the project Participatory Critique as Transforming and Transversal With.

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