Agency – Participation – Cooperation: The Praxeological Production of Dis-/Abilities by Heterogeneous Entities

Kick-Off Meeting, 10-11 December 2020

The first meeting is intended as a kick-off session for the network and is supposed to provide a forum for the discussion of the collective paper together with our guest researchers. Central to the discussion will be theoretical approaches to agency (Passoth/Peuker/Schillmeier 2012; Spöhrer 2019) as well as situated productions of dis-/abilities by heterogonous entities (Callon 2005; Winance 2006, 2016). Concepts of dis-/abilities will be discussed from an Actor-Network Theory and Ethnomethodology perspective and related to materiality and socio-technical practices. In that, media theoretical, praxeological and qualitative empirical framings will be taken into critical consideration and examined from the point of view of the concepts “participation (Teilhabe)” (Ochsner 2017) and “cooperation” (Goodwin 2018; Gießmann et al 2019).

We have four exciting public talks by Myriam Winance, Michael Schillmeier, Beate Ochsner and Christian Meyer.


Natalie Geese (Siegen), Christian Meier zu Verl (Konstanz), Markus Spöhrer (Konstanz), Robert Stock (Konstanz)



ASL-interpretation and Live Captions will be provided during the public talks.

Please let us know about any further accessibility requirements. Email to robert . stock at uni – konstanz . de



Please contact Ramona Schön to receive the link for the Zoom video conference to join the public lectures.

Email: ramona . schoen at uni – konstanz . de


For the full programm please klick here.

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