Workshop: Assistance, Assistants and Assistive Media. Barriers and Interfaces of Digital Cultures (July 01-03, 2021)

As technological assistants and automated systems are becoming more and more ubiquitous, human-machine interactions are mediated through a growing number and variety of interfaces. This call invites scholars from media studies, disability studies, sociology as well as historians of science and technology and fields related to these areas to discuss the notion of assistance in relation to media at a two-day conference.



Panel 1 Assistance and Control
[Chair: Karin Harrasser]

• Martin Siegler: Assisted Attention. Exploring the Dead Man’s Switch

• Beate Ochsner & Markus Spöhrer (SP 2): “When everybody plays, we all win”:
The Microsoft Adaptive Controller as a socio-technical ‘Node’ for

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