Rethinking Relations: Michel Serres and the Environmental Humanities (TU Dresden, 9.11.22)

We are very pleased to share this announcement for an upcoming international conference at TU Dresden. Everyone is welcome. Please feel encouraged share with interested colleagues and students.

Save the Date: November 9-12, 2022

Location: TU Dresden (on-site)

Organized by: Moritz Ingwersen (North American Literature and Future Studies, TU Dresden) & Beate Ochsner (Media Studies, University of Konstanz, TP2)

This conference is dedicated to interdisciplinary dialogues between the environmental humanities and the boundary-defying work of the late French philosopher of science Michel Serres. Committed to the incessant circulations between nature and culture, the global and the local, the natural sciences and the humanities, Michel Serres’ books provide an evocative cartography for rethinking the relations among humans, environments, technology, and knowledge, especially in times of eco-systemic disruption and uncertainty. This conference extends an invitation to think beyond and with Serres in relation to disciplines and fields that include media studies, design, literature, history, art, classics, sociology, philosophy, and psychology.

Keynotes include:

Vera Bühlmann (TU Vienna), Timothy Barker (University of Glasgow), Paul Carter (RMIT Melbourne), Jeffrey J. Cohen (Arizona State University), William Paulson (University of Michigan), Stephanie Posthumus (McGill University), and Julian Yates (University of Delaware)

Author’s reading by Rivers Solomon & Special Guest. Curated by Alison Sperling (TU Berlin) and Nelly Yaa Pinkrah (TU Dresden).

If you would like to attend, please register by sending an email to More information and program klick here.


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