Media and Participation – two panels at the Digital Cultures Conference #KCT18

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Researchers of the Media and Participation-Unit from Konstanz and Lüneburg presented their talks at this fascinating conference in Lüneburg!

Here is an overview, for more information please visit the conference homepage.

Technopolitical Modes of Operation in Digital Infrastructures, Urban Activism and Design
Chair: Christoph Brunner (SP 5)
The panel investigates the transformative potential of technology within alternative and collective technopolitical practices. In times of planetary-scale computational infrastructures, power structures transcend many boundaries and need to be analysed in and through their modes of operation. Critical alternative media practices therefore are not opposed to but entangled with these infrastructures and power relations, always facing the risk of being reappropriated and involved or becoming a new driving force of acceleration.
Curated panel with contributions by Christoph Brunner (SP 5), Merle Ibach, Konstanze
Scheidt (SP 5), and Johannes Bruder.
Terms of Dismedia. Disability, Media and the Production of Subjectivities
Chair: Jan Müggenburg (Leuphana University)
Thinking in “terms of dismedia” means to inquire into the multiple entanglements of disability and media culture producing (or preventing from) accessibility and participation, establishing processes of normativity and normalisation or, with the growing mediatizing of services, senses, economic infrastructures and environments, creating alternative, active and smart biodigital subjectivities.
Curated panel with contributions by Jan Müggenburg, Beate Ochsner, Markus Spöhrer, and Robert Stock (SP 2).
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