Airbnb and Couchsurfing: Global Hospitality Networks

On November 10 2017, Luise Stoltenberg (Universit of Hamburg, TP 3 Tourism 2.0) will talk about how “online hospitality networks encourage private individuals to open up their homes for travelers from around the world. […] Although this special setting flags an interesting field of research, neither tourism nor sociological studies have been examining the significance of private dwellings in these global hospitality networks in a sufficient way so far. In my sociological research I focus on the different elements that constitute private living space as an accommodation site for strangers. The selection of my case studies makes it possible to investigate whether monetary exchanges (Airbnb) differ from free encounters (Couchsurfing) in terms of their organizing principles and their inherent logics.”

Location: University of Osaka, Japan. 12:10-12:50



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